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Buy and sell taxes

The $SCM token has buy and sell taxes. These taxes are a very important part of the Scorpion Staking Protocol.
Part of the taxes flow to both the Liquidity Floor Value Fund and the Treasury. This will make sure that 1. The rewards to the $SCM Holders can be sustained and 2. That marketing can stay at a high level, which will profit all $SCM token holders. The amount of taxes are 14% on bought $SCM and 19% on sold $SCM tokens.
Good to know: Taxes are used to reward long term holders of the $SCM token.
From the buying tax, 4% will flow to providing liquidity, 4% to the Liquidity Floor Value Fund and 6% to the Treasury. For the selling tax, 5% will go to providing liquidity, 6% to the Liquidity Floor Value Fund and 8% to the Treasury. This system will help sustain the high yield of the Scorpion Staking protocol, which is 235,407.86% annually. Next to that the taxing system will benefit the long term token holders, by the rewards they obtain and compound.