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Here you can find the Frequently Asked Questions about the $SCM token
1. What makes Scorpion Capital Management an unique DeFi project?
Scorpion Capital management is a state-of-the-art token in the DeFi space which main focus is to create value for the token holders. The Scorpion Staking Protocol is unique in every way with one of the highest sustainable APYs available, all returned to the holders of the $SCM token.
2. How does the Scorpion Staking Protocol work?
Scorpion Staking Protocol works in such a manner that the yield for the $SCM holders is generated by a protocol which increases the $SCM supply for each holder separately. This process is called rebasing. This unique process will guarantee a sustained, high yield for all holders.
3. How can I buy into the Presale?
The Presale will be hosted via Pinksale. The launch is a fair launch and Softcap will be 50 BNB. There will not be a hardcap. You can buy into the fair launch via Pinksale.
4. Will there be a Whitelist for Presale?
No, there will not be a Whitelist for Presale, but we will give an early notification to our Telegram community. Since we do stand for equal chances, everyone will get the same chance to profit from the Scorpion Staking Protocol and thus participate in the Presale.
5. How do I receive rewards?
The Scorpion Staking Protocol is one of the easiest Protocols to gain rewards from. You simply hold the $SCM token in your wallet and you will receive a yield of 2.15% per day, paid every 10 minutes or 144 times per day. There is no need to stake since the Protocol will automatically stake it for you. This is called Auto-staking.
6. When will I receive rewards?
Rewards by the Scorpion Staking Protocol will be received by each token holder every 10 minutes, so 144 times per day. Rewards will start being paid out directly after launch.
7. Where can I buy the $SCM token?
You can buy the $SCM token on Pancakeswap using the BNB pair. See the How to buy $SCM tab.
8. What slippage must be set to buy $SCM token?
The slippage to buy should be set at at least 14% and the slippage to sell must be set on 19%. In some cases, for example during high volume, the slippage is recommended to be set higher to prevent the transaction from failing.
9. Is Scorpion Capital Management Audited?
Yes $SCM has been audited through our partner Audit Tech Rate. You can find the audit by clicking the following link: Audit link We have also planned a Certik audit on the roadmap in the near future.
10. Did you get KYC’d?
Since transparency is one of the things Scorpion Capital management truly stands for, we have been KYC’d with Pinksale. You can find the verification document here: {link KYC}
11. Will the treasury be used for anything?
Yes, the SCM treasury will be used to both add liquidity when needed and in emergency situations of a big sudden price drop in addition to the Liquidity Floor Value (LFV) Fund. To find out more about the Treasury, go to the Treasury tab.
12. What is the supply for the $SCM token?
There will be an initial supply of 500,000 $SCM (500 thousand).
13. What will be the maximum supply of the $SCM token?
The maximum supply of the $SCM token is (5 billion) $SCM.